The 6th WMC General Meeting

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The 6th WMC General Meeting

  • Date  
    October 28th (Thu) 2021, 16:00~19:00 KST
    (※General Meeting 16:00~19:00 / Commission Meetings
  • Venue  
    Online -
    In-person - Grand Plaza Cheongju Hotel, Grand Ballroom B,
    Republic of Korea (For Members in Korea)
  • Participants
    WMC Members, New members, Including Commission Members
  • General Order of the Meeting
    • Part 1
      Commission Meetings
    • Part 2
      General Meeting Opening Ceremony
    • Part 3
      Meeting Agenda Review Resolution
    • Part 4
      Final Agreement
    • Part 5
      Dinner Banquet
  • Main Contents
    • Commission (Ethics‧Law‧Anti-Doping‧Education‧Women‧Marketing’s) Meetings
    • Report on major projects for 2021 & future plans, Q&A, and open discussion session
    • Meeting Agenda Review‧Resolution
      • The 5th WMC General Meeting Minutes (in summary)
      • Report on the results of the 2020 WMC Extraordinary General Meeting (in writing)
      • Approval of establishment of National Martial Arts Masterships Committee (NMC)
      • The 3rd World Martial Arts Masterships Host City selection proposal
      • Amendments to the WMC Policy & Charter
      • Organization of the new WMC Commission
      • WMC Presidential Election
      • Appointment of new WMC Members





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